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Dec 3, 2013 7:00pm PST
to education in a test given to 15-year-olds around the entire world, american students were far below average in math and only about average in science and reading. the top five scores in each subject were from shanghai, china, singapore, hong kong, tie wand and south korea. way down in 36th place, the united states. now with our panel christiane amanpour, jeffrey toobin, amy holmes and phil harper author of "letters ton in cars rated brother" and star of usa network's "covert affairs." what do you make of the study? >> it apparently has happened over the last 30 years. we used to be number one, number one in college graduates, number one in math and science. and what popped out to me in the study is the disparity of how much in shanghai which is number one, how competitive it is to get a job as a teacher, how height salaries are. that it's considered a great job. >> same in finland. like the top 10% of graduates get the jobs as teachers. that's not the case here. >> very respected job. >> right and rewarded as well. which is obviously also an issue sometimes. although it seems in the united
Dec 2, 2013 7:00pm PST
, health care and education to all citizens. what has been happening the last five years? exactly what this 3457b claims to want. >> i just read a great book by a guy named john mackey who founded whole foods called conscious capitalism. he says the same thing as the pope. he says we all have to eat to live. but that doesn't mean we live just to eat. we all think we have a higher purpose and that in business, business can't exist without profit but does that mean that business only exists to profit? why do we all work? we work to take care of those we love and provide a little security and to make the best we can out of ourselves. that's what the pope is saying. this is not an anticapitalist creed. the pope reinforced the principle of catholic, the idea that you push -- >> but with that term, social justice raises red flags. >> the term "social justice" has been used to justify big, dumb, top-down government that has ruined a lot of people, a welfare system -- one of the causes of inequality, it's not the unbridled capitalism it's the end of the american family that started in the earl
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2